VIP Group

In your VIP day, you get my full attention as we roll up our sleeves and do a complete analysis and overhaul together in this 3 hour session.  Bring in your team and we’ll take an in depth look at:

  • What are your business objectives
  • Who are you trying to attract
  • When and where are your ideal prospects hanging out online
  • How to boost your brand online
  • Best strategies to connect and engage
  • Which tactics are unnecessary or wasting resources
  • Understand your analytics

You’ll walk away with an in-depth completely personalized detailed social media strategy that your team can implement right away and a calendar filled with themes and ideas for posting.  Even better, you and your team will have the confidence and newly-found knowledge about how you can make strategic planning decisions based on your analytics going forward.

Of course, as a VIP, you’ll also get:

  • Downloadable templates to strategic planning
  • How To Craft Your Strategy
  • Defining Tone of Voice
  • Establish a Hashtag Strategy
  • Social Media Themes & Holidays
  • FREE access to private Facebook group where you can post questions and comments 24×7
  • FREE access to self-paced social media training with 4 modules to sharpen your skills ($97 value)

“Shannon’s years of experience saved me HOURS and HOURS of research.”

I’m pretty good at social media, but it’s hard to go in-depth on each platform and keep up with the changes while I’m also running my own business.  Shannon’s years of experience saved me HOURS and HOURS of research.

-Christine McShane, Christine McShane Creative